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An Interview made by the 3°3

mercredi 11 mars 2015, par MILLET

An Interview made by the 3°3


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We received Miss Ruth Philips the 10th of december 2015. We asked some questions. She was born in London, nowadays she lives in Bedoin.
Ruth lives of her passion.
She adopted a little boy from Mali, in Africa, his name is Louis and he is bilingual.
She studied in Germany and New-York. She doesn’t teach her passion to her son because she doesn’t like to teach little children.
Her father was a painter and her mother a music teacher.
She likes pop music ans other style of music.

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Lou, Zoé, Lisa, Lana

An old instrument, her cello

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Ruth has been playing the cello since she was 4 years old in fact her mother forced her to play it at that age. Her instrument is 243 years old, it was made in 1772.
She likes a lot of music but she is not crazy about electro music her favourite musican is Bach and she loves african and indian music.
She learnt also the piano .
Ruth has already realised an album, organised and played in many orchestras like « opera Foco » and she has never composed a score herself. She prefers playing parts made by other composers.


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Ruth Phillips won’t do any World wide tour but she has already been to different country like : United-States, Germany, Italy, Spain and now she is going to go to China but before she’s going to Paris,to rehearse .

She went to New-Zealand just for one day.

Ruth would like to play in Australia in every country that she has never been to.

She played with famous musicians such as Nigel Kennedy.

She doesn’t want to play another instrument because the cello is her life.

Ruth has already played in a big ochestras, in Paris, New-York, and Berlin.

She doesn’t want to compose her own music because according to her Bach is sufficient.

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We can see Ruth playing the cello.

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Ruth and us

Ruth Phillips’ carrier

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Mrs Philips said she didn’t think anythings of her live performance, she just plays, she doesn’t think.
Her first concert was in Venise and this is her best memory.
When she played her first time, she was 4 years old. She had to play because of her mother. At the beginning, she didn’t like playing, but now, she loves playing.
The first piece of music she played in her carrier was Nina by Pergolsese (an Italian composer), she was 19 years old.
She has already played in America, in Australia, in Europe and she’s going to play in China.
She has already played a duet with violinists and pianists.
Obviously, she travelled a lot for her carrier.
She would prefer to travel to Italy and, not for her carrier, in India, in Thaïland and in Africa.

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The differents hobies

Alicia , Melanie , Floryne ,
and Ludivine are very concentrated

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Ruth wrote her memoires , she may win a price in England for it , she started writing at fourteen years old.
She has writen a lot of letters and she still writes . She has already taught adults but not children because she doesn’t know how to do , she is not patient.

The cellist plays a piece of music.

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She has already taught in France (conservatoire of Toulouse), in London , in New York , Turquey .
She doesn’t want to teach her son because her mother forced her to and she suffered of it She loves singing but she’s too shy to sing for us. She has played the piano and she plays the cello .
She teaches the music to adults.
She traveled a lot and she has played with famous musicians and she is famous herself.

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The photo of the whole class with the cellist.


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